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Do you place any value on clear and accurate information from dealerships, if you were to be out car shopping?

If you were out shopping for your next family vehicle, would you place value in working with someone who is patient and accommodating to your families needs? How much value could you place on knowing your advisor was considering the safety ratings, 3rd row space or even reliability while making suggestions?

Well don’t just expect that you will get any of the above mentioned services or accommodations from just any dealer that you happen to pass by one day, or hear that Jennys cousins bf is a salesperson at ABC Motors…

It is not safe out there. Arm yourself with the information and knowledge you’ll need, before you should think about taking your first or even second or third step into your local dealership or franchise


With over five years of experience in the car business my knowledge can help you with your next vehicle purchase. I will save you time and money whether you need to buy a vehicle, trade it in, need assistance with financing, or have service needs.


 As a finance specialist you won’t have to worry about getting the loan you need, I work with every lender in the state including credit unions! My technicians, vehicle appraisal services and even a monstrous inventory of used vehicles means you can get exactly the vehicle you’re looking for with the money to boot-all at one location!




I have access to over 10 New Car Dealerships! So I have your needs completely covered on any new model vehicles, lease specials and rebates/incentives from the manufacturer.

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4_questions_to_ask_before_buying_a_used_car-pic-486857837794562402-1600x1200 My pre-owned selection has over 2,000 cars that have been re-conditioned to be like new and pre-certified by our technicians to be in excellent mechanical condition.


I’m helping everyone get the car or truck they want! No matter what you’re circumstances are, I’m finding your car!


Autos by Alex